Solar park software

Pioneering renewable energy for business and communities & more

Pioneering renewable energy for business and communities & more

Solar park software

We have developed much of the software we need to assess and monitor solar parks, and the database which Wiki-Solar uses to track global deployment.

Typical initial solar park layout used for assessment software (Don't worry - the trees to the South were due to be lopped!)


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Solar park software

Solar park assessment

Overall design based on site area, topography and orientation, leading to a full financial assessment of the prospective costs, income streams and financial returns.

This software provides the primary control through the development phase of the project, and a cross-check of the detailed system design at EPC stage.

Solar park planning

As an additional output this software can provide the solar-specific contributions to design and access statement for planning applications.

Asset management

Screen-shots and extracts from solar park asset management report

We have software for reporting on the performance of operating solar parks, used as a key tool for the asset management of utility-scale plant.

This provides an overview of the monthly, quarterly and annual output of the plant compared to the original specified design values and the actual solar radiation levels experienced on site.

It also analyses the performance ratio and plant load factor with breakdown of any downtime or non-availability, and provides a financial overview of performance to date against expectation.

Database of global utility-scale solar power stations

Screen-shot of a small part of the core database

We developed and maintain the software for the most comprehensive existing database of worldwide solar power stations.

This interfaces, and synchronises its data, with other established databases containing information on regional solar power deployment, including those of the EIA, UNFCCC, ReStats and CAISO.

It is used as the basis for Wiki-Solar's global mapping system available here and also for the following analysis and benchmarking tools:

Performance analysis

Key operating parameters are calculated on a global and regional basis, showing factors such as performance ratios, annual output (MWh/MWp), carbon savings and site areas (hectare/MWp), as detailed here.

Rankings of countries and market participants

The database also allows the market participants and markets to be ranked globally and regionally.