Pioneering renewable energy for business and communities & more

Pioneering renewable energy for business and communities & more


We believe in using efficient technology - paperless wherever possible - and have developed many innovative software tools in support of different areas of our business

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Software for utility-scale solar More

We have developed much of the software we now use to assess and monitor solar parks, as well as the database to track global deployment.

The main applications are:

  • Initial assessment of solar park potential
  • Specialist inputs for design and access statement for planning applications
  • Asset management reporting for solar parks in operation
  • Database of worldwide solar power stations
  • Analysis of key performance data for operating plant
  • Ranking of key participants and markets, globally, regionally and nationally

Some further details of these software tools are given here.

Other software developments More

Though WolfeWare was first founded primarily to develop software for general use, most of its IT work now is focussed to applications for its internal use and that of its subsidiary companies.

Some of the historical software developments are outlined here.