Pioneering renewable energy for business and communities & more

Pioneering renewable energy for business and communities & more

Other stuff

Besides our mainstream work in renewable energy advisory and non-executive activities, we apply selected expertise in other sectors too

We developed the software Wiki-Solar uses for its global mapping

WolfeWare website:

Not infrequently the task in hand leads to extraneous sideroads and backwaters in related disciplines. Where these are interesting and potentially useful, we like to see if we can use more widely any expertise we have gained along the way.

That has led us into other spheres; the two most significant being:

Software development More

Many innovative businesses need software that cannot be picked off the shelf. In such cases, we have many times developed our own, while trying always to base this on standard software packages, rather then completely 're-invent the wheel'.

Sometimes this may also have wider application as outlined here.

Property development More

Before the market for domestic-scale renewable energy opened up, we wanted to try this in our own premises, to see how easy it was to implement; what worked and what didn't.

We improved the energy efficiency of our our own property and converted it entirely to renewable heating (eliminating gas) and partially renewable electricity.

We have since undertaken other property developments and used the experience to improve their energy profile too.

There are some further details here.