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The pioneering years of terrestrial photovoltaics

When I fell acidentally into the PV industry in the early 1970's, only a few dozen people were involved. Some, sadly, are no longer with us.

Some of the hundreds of thousands now employed in the sector may want to know how it all started ....

Proposed next book .... Working sub-title:

Childhood and adolescence of terrestrial photovoltaics

Well before the end of this century, solar will be the world’s dominant energy source. This book will look at the pioneering years of terrestrial PV from its inception following the 'oil shock' of 1973 to the end of the last millenium.

The main focus will be on how the PV business grew - often in the face of overwhelming scepticism or apathy. It isn't intended as a textbook; more about Berman than Becquerel, Ovshinsky than Czochralski! It will be complementary to, but distinctive from, excellent books by John Perlin, Wolfgang Palz, Peter Varadi and others. This book will focus less on the chronology; more on the people, achievements, events and organisations - and the excitement of being part of something new and important.

Who will read it? In this generation maybe the same answer as the old Scottish proverb: "Wha's like us?" ... In future times, when solar has become top energy source ...

I've had the pleasure of talking to many of the original pioneers, and want to contact more. If you're on the list below, or should be, or know someone who is; please let me know.

People shown in red are those I'd still like to get contact details for. I regret those in blue have died (a couple of others, sadly, in poor health). I think I can reach the green ones.