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Renewable Heat Incentive

Premium name company and website now for sale

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The UK's Renewable Heat Incentive is a pioneering measure - the first of its kind in the world. We registered the company Renewable Heat Incentive Limited, and established a website specifically to provide impartial information on the scheme.

These are no longer part of our business model and so are for sale (ideally together, but potentially separately).

Renewable Heat Incentive Limited

The company (registered no: 06956623) was incorporated in July 2009.

It has always been registered as a dormant company and has never traded.

It was owned by Ownergy Plc until 1st April 2012, when all 1000 issued shares were transferred to WolfeWare Limited, which remains the 100% owner.

Renewable Heat Incentive website

Monthly traffic to website

The website was established in July 2009. Since April 2010 (when the Feed-in Tariffs first came into force), the site has received an average of over 7,500 visits per month, peaking at times of major government announcements, and despite the lack of any active online promotion.

In a Google search on "Renewable Heat Incentive" it is listed 2nd, behind only the relevant DECC webpage, and ahead of the Energy Saving Trust and Ofgem. On Bing and Yahoo! searches it ranks #1; on Safari it is #3 behind DECC and EST.

Today it still averages over 6,000 visits per month. Other analytics available on request.

We would prefer that the buyer moves the domain name and the content to their own (or another) web-server and content management system, as it is presently managed as part of WolfeWare's other online facilities.

The sale process

These resources can of course be very beneficial to any organisation which wishes to establish a major position in Renewable Heat in the UK.

We invite bids using the form on the right or by email, and aim to select a purchaser by Tuesday 6th August 2013.

Related website - Feed-in Tariffs

We also operate the related company Feed-in Tariffs Limited and its website, which receives 17,000 visitors per month. We would consider selling this too, if bidders wanted to consider a package offer.