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About WolfeWare Ltd

WolfeWare was founded by Philip Wolfe, a pioneer of the renewable energy industry in the UK and internationally, to provide non-executive and advisory services in solar parks, renewable energy and related sectors

WolfeWare was established in 2003 to pursue a variety of business interests of Philip and Alison Wolfe, who have been in renewable energy for most of their working lives. Their premises are heated entirely by renewables and generate solar electricity.

Philip Wolfe is a pioneer of the renewable energy sector, which he entered in 1975. He was closely involved in promoting renewable electricity and heat tariffs.

WolfeWare's principal activities are summarised below and detailed further through the tabs above and on the left. These include active participation in development of the cleantech sector, as described on this website and in the News section.

Solar Parks

Having been involved in the terrestrial photovoltaics sector almost since it began in the mid 1970s, WolfeWare's directors have particular expertise in utility-scale solar generation, as further described here.

We now offer a wide range of advisory and information provision services to what is now the fastest growing sector of the global energy market.

Advisory and consulting

In addition to his non-executive directorships, Philip serves on steering and advisory committees, mainly in the energy and clean-tech sectors, as detailed here.

WolfeWare has particular expertise in large-scale grid-connected solar power generation, and provides a wide range of advisory services in this field. We also provide consultancy support, in investment analysis and strategic business development related to the sustainable energy sector.

Publications, policy and public affairs

As described here, we remain actively engaged in the renewables and community energy sectors and play our part in helping to optimise policy development and deployment of sustainable technologies.

Amongst our many publications, Philip Wolfe has written a book on utility-scale solar generation, contributes to a variety of publications and participates in conferences and seminars in the UK and internationally.

Contact WolfeWare

To contact WolfeWare, please email us in the first instance.

For postal address and other details see here.

Other activities

WolfeWare has historically undertaken other related activities, mainly in software and energy efficient property development, as outlined here.