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Non-executive roles

To help the clean energy sector develop, Philip Wolfe serves in a non-executive capacity in several companies and organisations

British Renewable Energy Award being presented by REA Chairman Mark Candlish, Deputy Director Gaynor Hartnell and Public Affairs Director Leonie Greene

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Current non-executive positions, and links to the relevant organisations, are given here.

Existing and past non-executive and advisory roles are summarised below:




2016 - date

Solnet Energy

Non-Executive Director

2015 - date

Cuckmere Community Solar

Non-Executive Director

2013 - date

Communities for Renewables

Non-Executive Director

2009 - date

Climate Bonds Initiative

Member of advisory panel

2006 - date

Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd (REAL)

Founder; Non-Executive Director; Supervisory Panel member

2011 - 2017

Westmill Solar Co-operative

Non-Executive Chairman

2015 - 2017

Department of Energy and Climate Change

Deputy Chair Community Energy Taskforce

2014 - 2017

Community Energy England (CEE)

Non-Executive Chairman

2014 - 2017

Earthworm Energy Plc

Non-Executive Chairman

2013 - 2014

Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)

PV Strategy development groups - 'land use' and 'engagement'

2009 - 2012

Ownergy Plc (and subsidiaries)

Founder; Chairman; Director

2009 - 2012

2012 - date

Aldersgate Group

Non-Executive Director

Individual member

2001 - 2011

Renewable Energy Association (REA)

Founder member & Director; Director General 2003-09; otherwise Non-Exec

2009 - 2010

Energy Saving Trust

Microgeneration Advisory Board member

2008 - 2009

UK Green Building Council

Zero Carbon Buildings committee

2007 - 2009

Nanotechnology K T N

Nano4Energy steering committee

2006 - 2010

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC)

Advisory Board member


Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

Renewable Energy Tariffs advisory group member


British Standards Institute (BSI)

Committee RHE/025 (solar thermal)

2008 - 2009

English Partnerships (now HCA) Carbon Challenge

Member of Sounding Board

2007 - 2009

British Renewable Energy Awards

Founder; Chairman of the Judges

2007 - 2009

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

Member of supervisory steering group

2006 - 2008

Utility Awards

Member of judging panel

2003 - 2006

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI, now DECC)

New and Renewable Energy Programme proposal assessor

2002 - 2004

Integration of New and Renewable Energy in Buildings (INREB)

Faraday Partnership industrial steering committee


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Member of College of Assessors

1999 - 2002

British Standards Institute (BSI)

Committee GEL/82 (solar photovoltaics)

1998 - 2001

Centre for Renewable Energy Science & Technology (CREST) Loughborough Uni

Advisory Group Member

1991 - 1992

UK Photovoltaic Industry Association

Founder Director

1980 - 1985

European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)

Founder Director; President 1982-3


European Commission Science & Technology Directorate (then DGXII)

R&D proposals assessment committee

1979 - 1983

Electrical Technology Committee (DTI, now DECC and BIS)

R&D proposals assessment committee

Dates shown in italics are approximate.