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Advisory services

If you want to talk about WolfeWare's advisory services, please just email us with your phone or contact details

Testing of a free-field solar array

A major part of WolfeWare's activities is to provide advice and expertise to investors and businesses on topics where we have expertise, especially renewable and sustainable energy.

The scope of this work is generally in the following areas:

Consultancy and advisory work

  • Consultancy advice on strategic planning and business development
  • Briefing investors on developments within the sector
  • Policy development and advisory work

See selected client reference list here.

Non-executive appointments

  • Serving on advisory boards or as a non-executive director

See further details here.

Community Energy

Our experience in the community energy sector shows that it is best supported in a way that differs from traditional commercial consultancy. Communities for Renewables (with which WolfeWare is indirectly connected) can provide development support for community renewable energy projects. WolfeWare also advises in this area as described here.

Public affairs, communications and educational

  • Writing articles, book chapters and reports
  • Verbal and written evidence to government and parliamentary select committees
  • Addressing conferences, meetings and seminars
  • Lecturing at universities and to students and trainees

For more information on these activities, see here.


If you want to talk about any of these services, or other support we could offer you, please just email us with your phone or contact details, and ideally a summary of your requirements.