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Community energy

We apply the experience gained in successful non-executive and advisory roles to provide selective support to the community energy sector

An Open Day at Westmill Solar Co-operative

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His non-executive roles and other experience in community energy projects, enable Philip Wolfe to provide targetted advice to participants in this important sector.

Community energy project development

The community interest company Communities for Renewables (CfR) was established specifically to help communities develop renewable energy projects. CfR even offers 'at risk' project development support, on the basis that it collects a fee only when the project succeeds in passing agreed milestones.

We recommend that communities with an identified project and a site, who need this type of support, contact Communities for Renewables using the link on the left.

Solar park projects - initial assessment

WolfeWare's initial assessment service is ideal for early evaluations of potential sites, and we offer concessionary fees or terms to community projects.

If you have a site in mind, email us with a map or a description and the latitude and longitude (see here how to get this from Google Maps).

Establishing a Co-operative

We could help set up an Industrial and Provident Society, for example providing template rules and assisting with registration at the FSA.

Community share offers

An important part of establishing a successful co-operative is to spread the word as widely as possible. Part of this is setting up a website and enabling prospective members to register their interest online. This should be done as early as possible, and we can help.

WolfeWare undertook most of the administration of Westmill Solar Co-operative's public share offer. This was a very successful exercise, raising £6m in 6 weeks and being 50% over-subscribed.

Policy development

We also advise Westmill and others on the development of policy for the community energy sector. Philip Wolfe has given written and oral evidence to the parliamentary Select Committee (achieving a change of policy as mentioned here), and sits on the Government's advisory committee on this issue.

For these services or any other enquiries:

Please email us.