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Renewables, community energy & utility-scale solar

Founded by one of the pioneers of the world photovoltaics industry, WolfeWare has unrivalled expertise in renewable energy and utility-scale solar power in particular.

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Now in the spot-light

Embarrassingly successful

Obituary for Feed-in Tariff

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Your partner in utility-scale solar

We have unique capability in utility-scale solar power in the UK and worldwide. For more about how we can help you develop and commercialise solar parks:

Non-executive and advisory services

Philip Wolfe serves as a non-executive director on the boards of various cleantech companies. We also advise and inform on renewable energy and solar energy:

Information: Presentations, publications and outreach

We have a wide range of publications, including Philip Wolfe's book on utility-scale solar power, and presentations to conferences and meetings worldwide. We also maintain several information dissemination websites. For more details: